Saturday, March 31, 2007

Company Financial Information Workshop April 2, 3 pm

Find the financial information you need on companies throughout the world efficiently and quickly using the ORBIS database, Join us for a workshop Monday, April 2, 3-4 pm, in the University Library or stop by the reference desk, call 415 442-7244, or e mail for assistance.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Executive MBA programs profiled in Business Week

The April 9 issue of Business Week has three articles about EMBA students and programs. Of particular interest, Meet the big commuters on campus describes how students from Shanghai fly to San Francisco every two weeks to attend classes. Another article, An MBA, on the family plan, describes the support services that schools offer their EMBA students. These may prove of interest to faculty and administrators. You can also find these in print in the University Library (HF5001 .B89). Please feel free to ask a librarian for assistance. (updated with links on April 17, 2007).

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wireless Web Access in the University Library

We have had wireless capability in the University for a few years. All that has changed are the instructions for configuring your laptop. The University's ETS dept has posted a very clear guide: How to access the wireless network. Once you have your laptop configured it will work with all the hotspots throughout the University building.

Wireless access through your laptop can greatly reduce the time you spend preparing your assignments. Downloading information directly from the databases allows you to cut and paste quoted passages into your papers (and having the full document on your computer helps you in formulating proper citations as well). Your tuition dollars at work!

Who Makes That? --ThomasNet for Company and Industry Research

Looking for an oven to bake cars in? Looking for a security system for a medium sized business? Whatever you need to have to equip a business you can most likely find it in the web version of a favorite business source: ThomasNet

Some may remember to large set of big green books in which you could look up a manufacturer of nearly anything. Now it's easy to do a keyword search instead. And it's free on the web.

This will help those doing assignments relating to writing a business plan (to find out how much something your hypothetical business costs, ThomasNet has a convenient e-mail for to request a quote). If anyone has used this source already or can think of another class assignment for which this would help, please add a comment to this post.