Friday, December 14, 2007

Instant Message a Librarian

Have you ever had a quesiton for a librarian and been so wrapped up in your online research that you didn't want to pick up the phone? Well, now you can IM a librarian without having to disrupt your research process. Simply type your question into the Meebo window and communicate instantly with a research professional during normal Reference Hours.

New electronic resources

The online catalog provides access to a variety of electronic and print resources. You can find electronic resources, either free or paid for by the library, by searching GoldPac, the library's online catalog. We have added three new ones:

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center. As organic foods and other consumer movements continue to grow, business opportunities follow. Find out more about about the technology and the possibilities that alternative farming methods provide.

Nuclear Energy (a website of the U.S. Dept. of Energy). Although it does not produce greenhouse gasses, nuclear energy presents other challenges and possible hazards. This U.S. Government website contains many full-text documents, such as Congressional Hearings, news reports, press releases, and more. There's more to energy policy and technology than what you find here, but this website provides essential information for a well-rounded examination of the topic.

American Psychological Society: Teaching Resources . A list of links to teaching materials (exercises, online tutorials, etc.) for professors and teachers to use in psychology classes (especially introductory ones). Includes information on pharmacology, neuroscience, as well as most aspects of psychology; some links lead to full-text of classic works in the field that have entered the public domain (that means on the web, full-text, for free). Although mostly of interest to psychology faculty, the glossaries, slide shows, and other full-text offerings may interest students as well.