Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Visit GGU's Free Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Everyone can use a little help when writing a paper, right? Personally, I find myself second-guessing my comma usage all the time. Of course, comma usage is a relatively minor problem. What about using the proper APA citation format? That's a little trickier and can make a big difference in your final grade. Well, there's no excuse for not getting it right (and getting an excellent grade on your paper for that matter) when you have the OWL by your side! GGU's Online Writing Lab is a free service for all GGU students and alumni, and is available for paper submissions 24 hours a day. Just visit the OWL homepage to read about the submission guidelines and then submit your paper. The OWL is a loyal friend to GGU students, but don't get "carried away". Please limit your submissions to 3 pages (up to 3 submissions in a 24 hour period). OWL tutors are super helpful and smart, but they won't correct your paper for you. They will offer you guidance on things like:

  • Grammar and mechanics
  • Organization and development
  • APA documentation (citation formatting)
So take advantage of this great GGU resource and stop stressing about your paper. You've got a wise old companion out there in trees, watching over your shoulder, while you're swilling down Red Bull and obsessing about that darn comma.