Saturday, March 1, 2008

Green Consumer Marketplace, U.S. new Mintel Reports

Reports added recently to Mintel include

--Green Living - US - February 2008

"The 'green' marketplace is one of the fastest growing, most dynamic
sectors of the US economy. In this report, Mintel examines the size,
scope, and growth of the green consumer marketplace, as well as driving
forces that will shape its future. The report keeps an eye toward
expected changes sector by sector, as well as short-term and long-term
outlooks for the market as a whole.

Mintel explores the current trends and future outlook for eight key
sectors of the green consumer marketplace, including personal care
products, home building and home improvement supplies, electronics and
appliances, automobiles, and travel." Quote from Mintel Reports Email Alert - New Reports in My Subscription, email to Janice Carter, received March 1, 2008

Other newly added reports to Mintel include:

Healthy Snacking, US
Fruit Juice and Juice Drinks, US
Pharmaceuticals Consumer, US
Salon Products and Purchasing Attitudes, US
Antipersperants and Deodorants, US
Pest Control, US

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