Saturday, June 27, 2009

Higher GPA, less info from search engines in research papers

In a survey of more than 400 U.S. college students, Primary Research found
"The higher the grade point average the less information for research papers was obtained from search engines such as Google or Yahoo."

Thanks to Christian for alerting us to the description of the survey found on ResourceShelf:

which included the following:

"The report presents data from a survey of 400+ American college students about how they go about doing research in their college libraries. The 150+ page report gives extensive data on student use of major search engines, wikipedia, library databases, book collections and other library resources. The study also gives detailed information on how their professors advise them to use the library, and how comfortable they feel about their research skills and how helpful librarians have been in helping them in their research."

The full report is available from

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coming Change in Social Media Business Applications

Check out:

The Coming Change in Social Media Business Applications: Separating the Biz from the Buzz, by Josh Gordon, from socialmediatoday.
I was alerted to this from CIOZone Daily

Quote from study, below:

"This study was designed to provide managers with guidance measuring which social media tools are being used right now, and by whom. ...Part I is an overview of both current and future intended business use of social media. Part II focuses on the business use of Twitter, and Part III examines the business use of social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, with a separate focus on the four general business functions that social media serves: sales, marketing, public relations, and internal communications."
p. 2

Study concludes there is a "... coming shift in the use of social media--from a helpful tool for a variety of communication needs, to an essential tool for customer engagement." ... a "shift toward customer-centric use of social media"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Finding and analzying company financial data --June 20, 11 am

Finding and Analyzing Company Financial Data

How can you “zero in” on
• company financial data,
• company and industry financial ratios
• investment reports
and other sources for indepth analyses?

Join us for this workshop to explore sources that can help you find and analyze the data you need.

Saturday, June 20, 11 am to noon
University Library, meet at the Reference Desk

If you are interested in this workshop but are unable to attend, please stop by the reference desk, call 415-442-7244 or toll free 1-877-448-8542, or e-mail to arrange for a workshop, in person or by phone and Web, tailored to your needs. Please also send us your ideas for other workshops and library services. We want to hear from you!