Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"What's New: Number of ETFs Covered Tops 500"

Financial info on ETFs via Morningstar:*

"ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are one of the hottest investment
concepts to come down the pike in a long while. Nothing demonstrates
their popularity better than their wildfire proliferation.

And Morningstar is on top of the growth. Morningstar Library Edition
includes detailed financial information on the 512 ETFs available

Of those 512 ETFs, we have analysts actively covering 162 of them.
Sonya Morris and Dan Culloton are two of our most prolific ETF
experts. Sonya (who many of you met at the client event we held at
Morningstar during the ALA Annual Conference in 2005) edits and
manages a portfolio of ETFs for our monthly newsletter, Morningstar
http://www.morningstar.com/Products/Store_ETFInvestor.html. Dan
edits our annual book of full-page reports, Morningstar ETFs 150
http://www.morningstar.com/Products/Store_ETFs100.html. Few people
know as much about ETFs as they do.

You and patrons can gain access to ETF information by entering a
name or ticker in the report box on the homepage. You also can use
the ETF Screener (which we introduced in the summer of 2005) to
produce a complete list of ETFs.

In addition to our analysts' commentaries, you'll see our star
rating for these ETFs (introduced winter 2006). It's based on
historical information, like our rating for mutual funds and is a
great first cut for narrowing choices."

Vol. 5 Issue 8 July 10, 2007
By David Valentino
Morningstar e mail to jcarter@ggu.edu, July 10, 2007

Morningstar is available to the GGU community via the University Library website. For more information, stop by the reference desk, call 415 442-7244, or e-mail askalibrarian@ggu.edu

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