Friday, August 31, 2007

Hottest IT Management Jobs; 30 books every IT Leader Must Read and more

Click on CIO Insight,1540,2177590,00.asp to see the top ten most requested articles in August, including

1. The 8 Hottest IT Management Jobs Today and Into 2008
2. 30 Books Every IT Leader Must Read
"Society for Information Management's 2008 list of leadership books ..." GGU students, faculty, staff, and corporate and alumni members with check out privileges who want to borrow any of these --or other books-- please stop by the University Library or contact the University Library via or 415 442-7244. Over Labor Day holiday we are laboring to see which of the 30 books are available via the University Library. Whether they are here or not, we can try to get them for you!

The library will be closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but we will reopen on Tuesday at 10 am, ready to help you achieve academic and professional success.

Happy Labor Day!,1540,2177590,00.asp

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