Thursday, July 22, 2010

Postsecondary Education --Progress towards 2025 Goals

Greetings, for reports on progress towards Postsecondary Education Goals in the US for 2025, see

Website includes links to

2010 Progress Report
"The commission’s goal of 55 percent of young adults receiving a postsecondary credential by 2025 can be measured on a regular basis. The 2010 Progress Report identifies measures that give some indication of the current status and future changes that impact the goal and recommendations, and illustrates the degree to which the nation is moving toward - or away from - the necessary steps for ensuring an educated and enlightened citizenry."

State Policy Guide
"The College Board and the National Conference of State Legislatures joined together to produce a practical policy guide to help state legislators to pursue each of the commission’s recommendations. The State Policy Guide offers a road map toward increasing the number of Americans who attain a postsecondary degree, and empowers legislators to be an even more positive and active force in education reform."

Quotes from website retrieved July 22, 2010

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