Monday, December 5, 2011

New Features on PrivCo database

New features on PrivCo Database

Dan Gingert, Manager, Academic Subscriptions, for PrivCo, LLC
alerted us to new features on PrivCo Database. Excerpt from his e-mail of December 5, 2011 follows:

1. Data export to Excel: All of PrivCo's private company financial data tables, as well as search results, are now easily exported to Excel, making it very easy to analyze a private company's financial data, create graphs and tables in Excel, as well as to integrate PrivCo financial data into your own existing data sets.

2. Research reports available in PDF format: All PrivCo private company research reports and investor profiles are now available in PDF download format for cleaner viewing, printing, and PDF sharing with colleagues.

3. Added investment firm principles and direct contacts: We have added a list of key management with individual contact information to thousands of our investor profiles, from venture capital firms to angel investment groups to university business incubators.

4. Company revenue growth rates added: In addition to location, revenue size, and employee size, PrivCo has also added 1 and 3 year revenue growth rate as a criteria when conducting an advanced search of private companies, and for company-to-company analysis, comparison, and valuation.

Message from Dan Gingert, Manager, Academic Subscriptions, for PrivCo, LLC
PrivCo LLC

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BusinessResearcher said...

Thanks for this. PrivCo really is an excellent resource for financial researching on major privately-held companies. Just checked out the new featuers, and they just making PrivCo even better (particular Excel data download). Thank you!