Saturday, April 21, 2007

Changing Role of CIO

How is the Role of CIO changing?
Check out:
"Setting a Strategic Course"
By Allan E. Alter
in Ziff Davis CIO Insight,1540,2114854,00.asp?kc=EWWHNEMNL041907EOAD
Below are two excerpts, retrieved from the website listed above on April 21, 2007:

"What will you be doing in 2010? according to our latest annual study on the CIO's role, you will be busy creating strategy and exploring new ways to use information and emerging technologies. CIOs may still come primarily from IT's professional ranks, but just 8 percent of the 291 executives we surveyed believe technological acumen is a key skill for success. That's because far fewer believe their main responsibilities in three years will include shepherding IT projects, ensuring data quality, defining IT architecture or even day-to-day managing. And CIOs will be paid well for the privilege of focusing on the Big Picture: ..."

"...While CIOs want to focus on strategy, their bosses need them to pay attention to IT operations. We went back five years to our 2003 CIO Role survey to see whether CIOs believe the personal attributes they need for success have changed—and indeed they have. Leadership and business understanding remain essential. However, CIOs today see strategic thinking as far more important than in 2003, while technical know-how and execution are much less critical. In contrast, consider how CIOs are evaluated: While their contribution to strategy is growing in importance, so too is the IT organization's overall performance, successful project completion, and interaction with business peers. CIOs may be emphasizing strategy at the expense of day-to- day performance; their CEOs, CFOs and COOs want them to focus on both. "

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