Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Web 2.0 Impact for Business

Web 2.0 Impact for Business --FAST Search.com reports on EIU Report:
"Everyone knows that scrappy startups from Silicon Valley are knee-deep in Web 2.0 trends, but what about big business? “Serious business: Web 2.0 goes corporate”, an Economist Intelligence Unit report on global Web 2.0 adoption, answers that question and is now available.
The report findings, initially presented at FASTforward ’07, the industry’s largest business and technology conference for the “search-powered” enterprise, uncovers the current perspectives of senior managers, spanning from their understanding of the definition of “Web 2.0”, to the specific ways it will impact their firm’s revenues, expenses, and operations." ...
“I think that eventually these kinds of Web 2.0 technologies will
transform the business model through community development, 360-
degree view of important product enhancements that should be made."
Harvey Koeppel, chief information officer and senior vice-president at Citigroup Inc’s Global
Consumer Group in New York.
Members of the GGU community can contact jcarter@ggu.edu for the full report. Quotes from http://www.fastsearch.com/registration1.aspx?m=860&amid=8319

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