Monday, June 9, 2008

How IT Can Better Understand Finance

In CIOzone email today, I came across an article by Ellen Pearlman, on "How IT Can Better Understand Finance"

Ellen Pearlman writes:

"Karen Berman and Joe Knight, co-owners of the Business Literacy Institute, have set about explaining the ins and outs of finance expressly for IT professionals. Having financial intelligence, they say, boils down to four skill sets:

Understanding the basics of financial measurement.
Understanding the art of finance and accounting when rules, estimates and assumptions need to be applied to numbers.
Understanding analysis.
Understanding the big picture so numbers are viewed in context."

The article in CIOzone includes information from Berman and Knight's new book,
Financial Intelligence for IT Professionals: What You Really Need to Know About the Numbers, published by Harvard Business Press, May 2008. The University Library ordered the book in early May. GGU University Library patrons who would like to see the book when it becomes available are welcome to stop by the Circulation Desk, call 415 442-7242 or send an e-mail to Gilles Poitras ( to put a hold on the book.

For help with research, GGU University Library patrons are invited to stop by the Reference Desk, call 415 442-7244, or e-mail You are also most welcome to attend super user-friendly University Library workshops and events.

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