Tuesday, June 17, 2008

IBM internships indiciative of IT needs? Green IT, Web 2.0 and virtual world

Came across the following in e-mail from eweek.com Careers today:

"IBM Internships Map Out IT Priorities"
By Deb Perelman

"If its internship programs are any indication, IBM already knows what it wants to see in an IT department in the next five years: pros savvy in green IT, Web 2.0 and virtual-world technologies."
Within the article is a quote from Ryan Holt, a computer science student working as an intern: "A lot of what they teach you in school is technical skills, such as using certain methods to solve problems. But I'm learning a lot of people skills here."

Full article by Deb Perelman is available via


The quotes above were taken from that site.

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