Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Your PhD as interpretive dance

Strange but true: last year saw the first ever "Dance your PhD" Contest. A scientist named John Bohannon came up with the idea inspired by his friend Christoph Campreghe, a PhD candidate by day and a DJ by night.

Sadly, the deadline for the 2009 contest submissions passed last November 18th. But that gives all you doctoral candidates time to start working on your submission for next year!

Official Dance your PhD contest page: rules and submissions
(with a few videos too)

For what it's worth, my personal favorite: The role of vitamin D in beta cell function (all PhD research starts in the dark, please be patient).

Watch them go: Dance your PhD at Youtube Select from a wide variety of fascinating PhD dance topics.

For those who care about such trivial matters: Can Scientists Dance? an article in Science magazine telling you all you ever wanted to know and more than you ever wanted to know about the Dance your PhD contest.

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